When you live in New England, winter can last well into the months of March and April. That still leaves you plenty of time to encounter dangerous and slippery winter weather where snow tires can be a huge help. If you haven’t yet changed out your current tires for snow tires, it’s not too late. Drivers in Brattleboro and Dover, VT can visit Fairfield Kia for a set of snow tires that will inspire confidence throughout the rest of the winter season.

Snow Tires in Keene

When you shop for snow tires for your vehicle in Athol or Greenfield, MA, you want to visit a service center that has a variety of tires to choose from. At our service center in Keene, you’ll find a variety of snow tire options at competitive prices so you can always get a great deal! And if you’re just looking to switch over to a set of snow tires you already own, we’ll make sure that they’re properly balanced and ready to perform for you when the snow flies.

Why Buy Snow Tires?

You might be wondering why you should be considering snow tires in the first place. While “all-season” tires do claim to offer year-round performance, nothing quite stands up to the cold, snow, and ice the way a proper set of snow tires does.

Even the best all-season tires are compromised by their need to be effective in warmer temperatures as well as cold. Snow tires are made from a specific rubber compound that maintains flexibility and grip at much lower temperatures than other tire types. They also feature special tread patterns that bite into ice and snow to provide grip, and studdable tires are available for the worst conditions.

Visit Our Service Center for Snow Tires in Keene

If you think the time has passed to put snow tires on your vehicle, think again! We still have several months of winter weather left to endure, so make sure you’re on the right snow tires before the next storm hits!

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